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WELCOME!... Wells cottage was actually built by a millionare in the thirties not related to us at all. The location and natural beauty of this land is unrivaled and was valued by indians as well. Walk down the 18 rock steps to one of the most desirable, wide, deep water and weather protected creeks on the Chesapeake Bay (Dividing Creek). Blue Herons, Ducks and Canadian Geese are your neighbors and you will know their presence. Swimming in the creek has been a relaxing summer activity since John's grandfather's time.  This photo was taken of John's mother and some of her friends in the 1940's.  The creek is known to have many cool springs which feel great on a hot summer day!
Wedding Shower Gift Table, notice your rock steps in the next yard.
Johns fathers float plane (circa 1958)
A nice feature of the cottage is the lower level down by the water.  Many parties have been held here throughout the last four generation's of Wells'.  If you look in the background of this photo you can see the millionaire owner of "Wells Cottage" wearing a hat and sitting in a recliner reading the newspaper.

   Disembarking  after a boat ride (circa 1947).

Boat ride, Dividing Creek (circa 1919)
Manhattan Beach Cottage Style (circa 1919)

The cottages were built in early 1900's many being single room cottages with an outhouse.  They used to have well water but now all the homes in Manhattan Beach have great tasting municipal water.  This photo is of the original Wells Cottage with John's parents. (circa 1947)